Top Managed IT Security Companies Across the USA

The United States is home to a diverse and sophisticated tech landscape, with Managed IT Security Companies (MSSPs) playing a crucial role in safeguarding businesses against cyber threats. Let’s explore the top MSSPs across the country, each contributing to the nation’s security in the digital age.

Konsultek – Elgin, Illinois

KONSULTEK, based in Illinois, specializes in Security Intelligence, offering services in Networking & Wi-Fi, Identity Management, and Email Security. They partner with major tech companies like VMware and Cisco.

eSecurity Solutions – Newport Beach, California

In sunny California, eSecurity Solutions helps companies assess risk and manage complex security with services spanning Virtualization, Managed IT, and Cybersecurity, partnering with giants like Intel and Dell.

TPx Communications – Los Angeles, California

TPx Communications, headquartered in Los Angeles, specializes in Unified Communications and Managed Security, with services including VoIP and Data Storage. They collaborate with partners like Microsoft and VMware.

BlueAlly – Cary, North Carolina

BlueAlly, located in North Carolina, assists companies in scaling and managing IT capacity. They deliver a range of services including Virtualization and Managed IT, and partner with EMC² and Dell.

Optiv – Denver, Colorado

Optiv in Colorado is North America’s largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider. They focus on Identity Management and Cybersecurity, partnering with industry leaders like Fortinet and Trellix.

Convergence Networks – Portland, Oregon

Convergence Networks from Oregon has been a leader in IT and cybersecurity for over 20 years, offering VoIP, Cloud Migration, and Cybersecurity services. Their partners include Cisco and Darktrace.

Assura, Inc. – Richmond, Virginia

Based in Virginia, Assura believes in making cyber security available for everyone, offering Identity Management and Email Security services.

Blueclone Networks – Princeton, New Jersey

Blueclone Networks in New Jersey provides Computer, Cloud, Helpdesk, and Cybersecurity Services to SMBs and medical practices, partnering with Apple and Google.

Restech – Metairie, Louisiana

Restech, located in Louisiana, is passionate about helping small and medium businesses with technology needs including VoIP, Cybersecurity, and Managed IT, partnering with Microsoft and HPE.

Abacode – Tampa, Florida

In Florida, Abacode is unique in its approach to Cybersecurity, focusing on company risk from a business strategy perspective. They partner with IBM and Cisco.

Compuquip – Doral, Florida

Compuquip, another Florida-based company, has grown into a leading technology solutions partner, specializing in Identity Management and Cybersecurity.

VENZA – Roswell, Georgia

VENZA from Georgia is a data protection company focusing on Cybersecurity and Email Security, ensuring compliance and data safety for organizations.

Locknet Managed IT – Onalaska, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Locknet Managed IT Services offers strategic Virtualization, Hosted Exchange, and Cybersecurity services, partnering with Aruba and Cisco.

Nuspire – Commerce Charter Township, Michigan

Nuspire in Michigan is a leading MSSP, known for its optimistic and people-first approach to Cybersecurity.

CipherTechs, Inc. – New York, New York

Based in Manhattan, CipherTechs specializes in information security services, focusing on Virtualization, IT Consulting, and Cybersecurity.

viLogics – Naples, Florida

viLogics, headquartered in Florida, offers services in VoIP, Microsoft 365, and Cybersecurity, with a focus on multi-cloud environments.

HTG 360 – Phoenix, Arizona

HTG 360, from Arizona, assists enterprises in uncovering & managing security efficiently, specializing in Identity Management and Cybersecurity.

Nexum, Inc. – Chicago, Illinois

In Illinois, Nexum builds and secures global networks for organizations, offering services in Managed IT, IT Consulting, and Cybersecurity.

threatSHIELD Security – Tampa, Florida

Florida-based threatSHIELD Security provides Managed Cybersecurity solutions with real-time detection and response capabilities.

High Wire Networks – Batavia, Illinois

High Wire Networks in Illinois delivers professional services and managed IT and cybersecurity services across North America.

In conclusion, from the tech hubs of California to the bustling cities of the East Coast, these top Managed IT Security Companies in the USA are crucial players in protecting businesses from cyber threats. Their diverse range of services, spanning from identity management to cybersecurity, and their partnerships with tech giants, enable them to offer robust security solutions. Whether you’re in a small town or a major city, these MSSPs ensure that businesses nationwide can operate securely and efficiently.

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