Top 10 Managed Service Companies In LA, USA

Companies that can adapt to the digital era will stand a better chance of success. Information technology (IT) services has become one of the fastest growing sectors, offering a wide variety of solutions to meet different business needs.

Los Angeles is home to plenty of respectable IT service organizations whose mission is to provide their customers with quality support that upgrades technical systems and enhances digital reliability.

If you run a business in Los Angeles, or you are simply looking for an IT company to help your organization grow, below are the top 10 companies in LA that can help you.

IT Gurus

The technology consultants at IT Gurus are experts at helping businesses adopt innovative programs and tools to support their staff and increase profits. From helping you adopt the latest Microsoft solutions to ensuring that your company is compliant with HIPAA policies, IT Gurus provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to boost your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

The organization’s IT specialists do not treat every client the same. They understand that businesses are unique and a solution for one may not work for another. With this mindset, IT Gurus delivers comprehensive services to businesses 24/7/365.

IT Support LA

Specializing in everything from managed services to VoIP, the IT experts at IT Support LA have a reputation for delivering great support services to businesses in the LA area. Outside of IT, they are a people-focused company—they will go above and beyond to support your organization’s IT infrastructure.

IT Support Guys

With locations in Tampa and LA, the staff at IT Support Guys specialize in providing small and medium-sized businesses with the IT services they need to grow and take on the market. Specifically, their services cover cloud solutions, cybersecurity, compliance, and more.

ZZ Computer

A managed service provider (MSP), ZZ Computer has been delivering innovative support to small and medium-sized businesses since 1989. The skilled employees at ZZ Computer pride themselves on offering fast response times (1 hour) and plenty of essential business services, including cloud computing, IT strategies, network services, etc.


Experts in supporting small businesses and their IT needs, the employees at Techonsite are highly experienced in auditing companies’ technical infrastructures to locate potential issues and mitigate them with cost-effective solutions. Their services also cover cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

Secure Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery works strictly in the digital recovery space and regularly retrieves and protects organizations’ data for greater peace of mind. Their data recovery services are backed by an impressive list of certifications, including PCI-DSS compliance.

Impact Networking

With offices across the country (including LA), the IT professionals at Impact Networking offer a list of services suitable for any business. From managed services to network management and cloud hosting, company owners wanting in-depth support and reliable customer service should look into the Impact team.

Alcala Consulting

With clients in Glendale, LA, and Pasadena, the technology specialists at Alcala Consulting offer businesses comprehensive IT solutions, from technical support to virtualization and consulting. The Alcala team always deliver great service and even greater results.


A leading IT service provider, the FPA team leverages their extensive certifications and highly valuable expertise to partner with businesses and improve their operations. FPA can assist organizations with managed services, help desk support, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and more. 


Supporting small and medium-sized businesses 24/7, the cyber experts at XO value a customizable, hands-on approach when helping clients improve their procedures with technology. From business continuity to audits, XO’s team are eager to see their clients’ businesses succeed and they provide the tools and solutions to make it happen.

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