Houston’s Top Managed Service Providers: Powering Texas’ Business Hub

Houston, Texas, a bustling metropolis known for its significant contributions to the space and energy industries, also boasts a robust selection of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These MSPs are instrumental in supporting the city’s diverse business landscape, offering innovative IT solutions to enterprises of various sizes and sectors. Let’s dive into the top MSPs in Houston, shedding light on their services and client focus.

Centre Technologies

Centre Technologies stands out as a comprehensive IT consulting and managed services provider. With a strong focus on mid-sized businesses, they have over a decade of experience in delivering enterprise-grade cloud and cybersecurity solutions. Their dedication to maximizing operational efficiency makes them a valuable partner for Houston-based businesses.

ERGOS Technology Partners

ERGOS, with locations in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Dubai, has been an innovative IT solutions provider since 1997. They specialize in managed IT services, IT infrastructure, and Cloud IT solutions, ensuring their clients are always a step ahead in technology.

IronEdge Group

IronEdge Group, founded in 2005, is renowned for service-centric strategy and support. They offer local help-desk support, cybersecurity strategy, cloud solutions, project planning, and backup and recovery services, helping businesses eliminate technology frustrations.


Meriplex is a managed cybersecurity, IT, and SD-WAN solutions provider that excels in transforming businesses with secure, innovative technology. They provide scalable solutions that drive growth and cater to both small and large enterprises.

Netsync Network Solutions

Netsync, based in Houston, offers business consulting and synergistic IT solutions. Specializing in collaboration, unified communications, and cybersecurity, they cater to a wide range of clients, including local educational institutions and businesses.

MRE Consulting

MRE Consulting, with a deep knowledge of commodities trading and risk management, offers a full spectrum of professional services. They blend business and technology expertise to serve a wide range of industries, including energy, construction, and finance.

Impress Computers

Established in Zimbabwe and now based in Katy, Texas, Impress Computers provides a range of IT services, from network solutions to hardware support. They have a strong focus on customer service, serving a diverse clientele in the Houston area.


Aldridge takes a proactive approach to IT outsourcing, offering more than just technical support. They align technology with business goals, providing strategic decision-making support in security, cloud applications, and more.

eNet Systems, Inc.

eNet Systems, Inc. specializes in Managed IT Services, offering a range of services that keep computing devices operating efficiently. Their focus is on empowering businesses with technology solutions that boost productivity.

Quasar Data

Quasar Data is a full-service data center and cloud services provider specializing in DaaS and managed IT. They provide versatile solutions suitable for various businesses, showcasing their ability to adapt to different client needs.

Elevated Technologies

Elevated Technologies has been providing cutting-edge technology solutions since 2006. Their services are designed to increase production, reduce IT overhead, and optimize networks for businesses of all sizes.

Preactive IT Solutions

Preactive IT Solutions offers fast, efficient business support for companies ranging from single computer operations to 300+ workstation networks. Their experience spans healthcare, manufacturing, financial advisors, and other industries.

Xvand Technology Corp.

Xvand Technology offers affordable, Fortune 500-level technology solutions to SMBs in Houston. Known for their 24/7 real-person help desk and comprehensive IT services, they make technology accessible and effective for local businesses.

Uprite Services

Uprite Services focuses on providing secure, proactive, and responsive IT solutions. For over 15 years, they have been offering tailored IT support that drives success, with a focus on managed IT investment and digital infrastructure security.

ByteTime Computing

ByteTime Computing, established in 2007, is a key IT support provider for Texas businesses. They offer expert IT solutions, managing entire networks for companies of all sizes.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems is a systems integrator specializing in managed services and support for voice and data networks. Their services cater to small, medium, and enterprise-level clients, providing comprehensive support across various technologies.

RockIT Consulting

RockIT Consulting, Texas’ trusted IT partner, provides solutions and support to help organizations navigate IT complexities. They focus on delivering comprehensive solutions that drive organizational success.


DYOPATH combines the expertise of Single Path and DYONYX to offer unparalleled managed IT services. They focus on accountability and customer service, providing solutions that enhance their clients’ operations.

PennComp Outsourced IT

PennComp, a Houston staple, provides managed IT services for businesses of all sizes. Their team of seasoned professionals offers solutions ranging from network expansion to integration of new business-critical applications.

BEMA Information Technologies

BEMA Information Technologies understands the responsibility that comes with technology, especially in the business world. They offer expert IT services, ensuring organizations optimize their technology use for better security and productivity.

In conclusion, Houston’s MSP landscape is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself, offering cutting-edge IT solutions that support the growth and success of local businesses. These MSPs are not just service providers; they are strategic partners driving technological advancement in Houston’s thriving business environment.

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