Leading Microsoft Consulting Partners in London, UK

1. Avanade
A joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, Avanade is at the forefront of driving digital innovation and transformation. Specializing in the Microsoft ecosystem, Avanade offers comprehensive services, including cloud strategy, managed services, and enterprise business solutions. Their deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, combined with a global presence, makes them a go-to partner for businesses looking to leverage Microsoft solutions at scale.

2. Hitachi Solutions
With a strong focus on delivering industry-specific solutions, Hitachi Solutions excels in utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and other Microsoft platforms to address complex business challenges. They are renowned for their expertise in CRM and ERP solutions, tailoring their approach to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement for businesses across various sectors.

3. Content and Code (Now Part of Content+Cloud)
Content and Code, now operating under the Content+Cloud brand, has established itself as a leading Microsoft partner in delivering productivity and collaboration solutions. Specializing in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams, they empower organizations to foster a modern workplace environment that enhances productivity, collaboration, and communication.

4. New Signature
New Signature offers a full spectrum of Microsoft solutions, from cloud development and infrastructure to business analytics and AI. Their approach to digital transformation is holistic, focusing on strategic consulting, technology implementation, and ongoing support to ensure businesses fully leverage their Microsoft investments.

5. eBECS (A DXC Technology Company)
eBECS specializes in delivering custom Microsoft Business Solutions, emphasizing the efficient use of data and AI to drive business intelligence and decision-making. Their expertise spans Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure, and other key Microsoft technologies, focusing on optimizing operations, finance, and customer service.

The Importance of Microsoft Consulting Partners for London Businesses

The digital landscape is continually evolving, presenting businesses with new challenges and opportunities. Microsoft Consulting Partners play a crucial role in this ecosystem, providing the expertise and solutions necessary for businesses to stay competitive and innovative. Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making, enhancing cybersecurity, or fostering a collaborative work environment, these partners offer tailored solutions that align with business goals and objectives.


For businesses in London and beyond, collaborating with a Microsoft Consulting Partner is a strategic move towards achieving digital transformation and operational excellence. The top partners highlighted in this post have demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver innovative, effective solutions across the Microsoft platform. By leveraging their deep expertise and comprehensive service offerings, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities, enhance efficiency, and build a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital age.

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